Book of Asmodeus

100% Handmade 3D hardcover book with Augmented Reality technology.

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What is the Book of Asmodeus?

Survive and write your own story! The Book of Asmodeus is an Interactive Augmented Reality Horror Book & Game. Write your own adventure with your own portrait. Summon demons from the pages and defeat them. But be careful! The Game is very difficult and and the demons come to life in your room.

This book is 100% original handmade with 3D Printed and Polymer Clay cover.

There is no other book like this. Book of Asmodeus is a handmade, painted with acrylic colors, artisanal binding, unlined pages, and a protective matte finish. Great gift for horror enthusiasts! But listen to me! Please don’t read from the book because the demons will be free.

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Note: This book is 100% handmade, therefore it might will look different on the photo, than what you receive. For Adulst only!!!